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Garage Safety

garageGenerally speaking, the garage is not a safe place for unsupervised young children to be. With the summer months upon us, time spent in or near the garage will probably increase, and precautionary measures are needed in order to prevent accidents. The garage can be a busy place! It can serve as a workshop, storage shed, and much more. When thinking about the items that a garage contains, it becomes clear that the garage is a potentially dangerous environment – especially for children. For many, the garage will not only house a vehicle, but sharp tools, toxic and flammable chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizers may also be found there. Furthermore, there may be countless items that could fall over onto a child and result in serious injury. While many parents and caregivers would not dream of allowing small children in a garage area unsupervised, it is important to utilize safety strategies in order to mitigate risks. 

If there are any hazardous chemicals in the garage, secure them in a cabinet or drawer that can be latched with a child-safety device. All chemicals and cleaning solutions must be out of a child’s reach. If these items are within reach and the child can access them, chances are they probably will do so at some point. Utilize electrical outlet covers in the same way that you would inside your house. Disconnect all power tools when they are not actively being used. Do not leave any lengths of rope lying around or hanging down from the ceiling or from hooks. If you have ladders in the garage, store them in the horizontal position so that a child cannot climb up them. Remember to properly dispose of any incendiary materials such as piles of old newspapers and magazines. Never store a discarded appliance in the garage without first removing the door. Children love to crawl into things and hide – removing doors can keep kids much safer. Ensure that you always lock your cars. If a car is locked, children will not be able to climb into the vehicle when you are not around. Also, little fingers that have been slammed in car doors are not fun for anyone. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that children should never be allowed to play near the garage or driveway where cars may be coming and going. Many children are injured or even killed when someone, tragically often a family member, unintentionally runs them over with a vehicle. 

Finally, regularly test your garage door opener to ensure that its safety features are in working order. Check both the photo eye sensors and the auto-reverse mechanism. If either of these parts are not functioning, schedule a consultation with a garage door technician. It is also important to stay on top of garage door maintenance. Although garage door failure is rare, it can happen and lead to injury or worse. It’s recommended that you get your garage serviced by a professional at least once a year and that you perform various maintenance checks yourself throughout the year. In order to know which maintenance checks are appropriate for your specific garage door, refer to your user’s manual. 

The garage is an extension of your home. It is designed to be functional. In order to optimize functionality, garages end up being quite active which means they require diligence and effort in order to keep them as safe as possible. Things are constantly getting moved around in garages, work needs to get done inside of them, and vehicles come and go. This busy space requires considerable safety precautions. By assessing how safe your garage is and following the aforementioned tips, you will be well on your way to making your home a safer place for you and your children. 

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Student Testimonials

Great Job, Adam! Real-life scenarios and awesome job on the mega-codes.
- Assistant Fire Chief/Paramedic, ACLS Renewal Participant

Overall, excellent learning environment and instruction.
- Physician, ACLS Renewal Participant

I really enjoyed this class. I'm not going to say that I can save a life, but now I can put forth an effort to try.
- Municipal Fleet Mechanic, Heartsaver CPR/AED Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed this class! Thank you! You are wonderful at your job!
- Physical Therapist, ACLS Recognition Participant

Thank you for being patient and encouraging us. You made this a really great learning experience.
- RN, ACLS Recognition Participant

Excellent explanations given, good interaction with students.
- EMT, PHTLS Provider Participant

Good training. Appreciate the teaching and hands-on time.
- Resident Physician, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

Presenters were both very knowledgeable about the materials presented.
- RN, AMLS Provider participant

Nikki was a very good instructor. Everything was explained thoroughly. She demonstrated very well.
- C.N.A., BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

I enjoyed the instructor; repeating things twice helped in remembering things easier.
- C.N.A., BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Great availability of when classes are offered and when. Not the elite ‘do it only when we offer it.’
- RN, PALS Provider Recognition participant

Class well organized, informative, and easy to follow.
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Very pleased with this course.
- LPN, ACLS Renewal Participant