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How Long Do You Have to Save a Life?

This is a question that likely every lifeguard—and many a parent—has asked at one time or another.

The answer is as simple as it is unsettling: To save the life of a drowning person, a lifeguard has about as much time as it takes to cook a soft-boiled egg, or roughly three minutes.

Drowning, as lifeguards know, takes place in a rapid and unspectacular series of stages. There is no screaming for help, or frantic waving. That’s why there are documented cases of children drowning within reach of a parent, and of friends watching—unaware—as another friend drowns. The untrained person expects drowning to look like it does on TV or in the movies: a dramatic, violent struggle to survive. But that’s a distressed swimmer, not a drowning one, although distressed swimmers are at risk of drowning.

How to Create a First Aid Kit for Your Home


Sometimes in life we have little  emergencies, you or someone you know may get cut, burned or many other injuries. Many injuries are not life threatening and don’t need immediate medical attention. However, knowing how to treat a small cut can make a difference in an emergency. Consider taking a first aid class, but having the following things can help you stop bleeding and prevent infection.

Here are some personal recommendations that I keep at home at all times.

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Student Testimonials

Adam was an awesome instructor. Very easy to learn from him.
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Easy to schedule, many available classes, great price—probably the best ACLS renewal I have taken!
- RN, ACLS renewal participant

All very informative and first time in course so many of these more extreme situations and interventions are unfamiliar.
- EMT, PHTLS Provider Participant

Different ways to use the tools we have—very good class.
- Paramedic, PHTLS Provider Participant

Convenient, need a course that was nearby and soon! Excellent instruction! Comfortable facility—great temperature, lighting, furniture, and floor space.
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Very well informed and professional manner shown by instructor, answered all questions well.
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Great job! Enjoyed the course!
- Paramedic, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Excellent class. No changes needed.
- RN, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

Now I’m glad I’ve taken this course, and I realize that it’s helpful for all walks of life. Thanks for the info.
- C.N.A., BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Very informative and to the point.
- Nursing student, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Most fun CPR class I have ever taken! Instructor was clear and excellent teacher!
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

The instructor was very good. She was very knowledgeable.
- Nursing Student, ACLS Participant

It was very easy to follow along and it was educational. Thank you once again for understanding the situation about the different course mix up. I appreciate it.
- Nursing Student, PALS Participant