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American Heart Association® (AHA) eCard Information


Thank you for participating in an AHA class with APHE!


- All certification cards for AHA classes are now electronic cards, or eCards. Nothing is sent via USPS.


- Personal email addresses have fewer filters so you have a higher likelihood of receiving your eCard.


- Within 10 business days, your eCard is issued to the email address that you provide when signing into your class.


- For an extra fee, you can get your card by the next business day after your class. Please contact us for this.




If you do not receive your card:


1. Please check your SPAM or TRASH in your email to make sure that the eCard did not filter to one of these folders. This is the most likely cause.


2. Contact us to verify that your email was spelled correctly.


3. You may be asked to provide a different email to receive your eCard.




To Retrieve Your eCard


1. You will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The title of this email will be “Your AHA eCard”.


2. Click the button in the email to launch the AHA® eCard website.


3. Confirm your contact information.


4. Create a security question and answer.


5. Complete survey questions. 


6. Your eCard will be displayed for you to save, email, or print.




You will have access to your eCard via the link provided for the entire two years you are certified.




If you have Already Retrieved Your eCard:


You can click the link in the email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. entitled "Your AHA eCard" anytime to take you directly to your card. 


You can also go to to search for your card with your name and email address.


If you need further assistance, please contact us.



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Student Testimonials

Adam is excellent! Huge asset to your class.
- 4th year Medical Student, ACLS recognition participant

Helpful part of program was mostly everything! A lot of info that you forget, a lot of refreshing of memory.
- Paramedic, PHTLS Provider Participant

All of it tonight was very good. I needed to refresh on this stuff. Very good instructors.
- Advanced EMT, PHTLS Provider Participant

Excellent instructor, entertaining.
- Resident Physician, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

It was required, but I enjoyed it thoroughly!
- Resident Physician, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

The instructor does a great job of teaching you the same material in different ways. i.e. PR-RR graph very useful, also Atropine 0.5 alive, 1 done! Thank you!
- RN, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

Very well done. Very pleased. I’ve taken this four times before, although not for 10 years. This was best presentation I’ve had.
- Public Health Nurse, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Refreshing, practical approach, while non-threatening. It may actually help me to remember stuff if needed! Great job and actually fun!
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

This course was great. Adam was very knowledgeable and made things fun and interesting. I really liked the CPR background.
- RN, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

I was so comfortable and able to feel confident. Adam was wonderful. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question, even if it seemed dumb.
- RN, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

Great course. It was interesting and will come in very handy while training and learning to become a nurse.
- Nursing Student, BLS for Healthcare Providers Participant