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  • CPR (AHA)
  • First Aid (AHA)
  • Advanced Life Support (AHA)
  • Skills Tests (AHA)
  • Trauma & EMS
  • CBRF
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CPR Courses

  • (BLS-ST) AHA BLS Provider Skills Test
  • (BLS-I) AHA BLS Instructor
  • (BLS) AHA BLS Provider
  • (HS-CAFA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • (HS-AED) AHA Heartsaver CPR AED
  • (HS-FA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid
  • (FA-BLS) AHA Heartsaver First Aid & BLS Provider

First Aid (AHA) Courses

  • (HS-CAFA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • (HS-FA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid
  • (FA-BLS) AHA Heartsaver First Aid & BLS Provider

Advanced Life Support (AHA) Courses

  • (ACLS-ST) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Skills Test
  • (PALS-ST) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Skills Test
  • (ACLS-I) AHA ACLS Instructor
  • (ACLS) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • (PALS) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • (ACLS-EP) AHA ACLS for Experienced Providers

Skills Tests (AHA) Courses

  • (BLS-ST) AHA BLS Provider Skills Test
  • (ACLS-ST) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Skills Test
  • (PALS-ST) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Skills Test

EMS Courses

CBRF Courses

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Student Testimonials

Course was conducted very professionally; learned some new information. Thanks!
- MD, ACLS Provider Renewal Participant

All very informative and first time in course so many of these more extreme situations and interventions are unfamiliar.
- EMT, PHTLS Provider Participant

[A nurse] from the ED went to ACLS this week and gave rave reviews. She said it was very interactive and ‘probably the best ACLS class I have had.’
- Emergency Department Nurse Educator

I learned many new things today.
- RN, ACLS Provider Renewal participant

Adam did a good job explaining new issues/material. Very thorough with his teaching. Would recommend him for any class, any level of healthcare. He does a great job!
- Assistant Fire Chief/Paramedic, ACLS Provider Renewal participant

I did not feel pressure. Well instructed with video and demonstrations!
- RN, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Recommended by doctors and nurses. Thanks! Definitely refer others and come back for more education.
- MD, ACLS Provider Renewal participant

Great job! Enjoyed the course!
- Paramedic, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

I enjoyed the instructor; repeating things twice helped in remembering things easier.
- C.N.A., BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Adam is sharp on the theory behind ACLS intervention. I learned a lot!
- Paramedic, ACLS Provider Renewal course

Instructors were able to organize a new location in a timely manner and communicated changes in course well [following course cancellation due to H1N1 concerns at a location]. Hard class but instructor made it easy to understand. Thanks!
- RN, PALS Provider Recognition participant

I was so comfortable and able to feel confident. Adam was wonderful. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question, even if it seemed dumb.
- RN, ACLS Provider Recognition participant

Great class. kept my attention - a lot of good information.
- MD, PALS Renewal Participant

Thanks for making what I expected to be another dull, routine BLS class about as enjoyable as you can while still getting important info across!
- CNA, BLS for Healthcare Providers Participant

Very pleased with this course.
- LPN, ACLS Renewal Participant