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  • CPR (AHA)
  • First Aid (AHA)
  • Advanced Life Support (AHA)
  • Skills Tests (AHA)
  • Trauma & EMS
  • CBRF
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CPR Courses

  • (BLS-ST) AHA BLS Provider Skills Test
  • (BLS-I) AHA BLS Instructor
  • (BLS) AHA BLS Provider
  • (HS-CAFA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • (HS-AED) AHA Heartsaver CPR AED
  • (HS-FA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid
  • (FA-BLS) AHA Heartsaver First Aid & BLS Provider

First Aid (AHA) Courses

  • (HS-CAFA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • (HS-FA) AHA Heartsaver First Aid
  • (FA-BLS) AHA Heartsaver First Aid & BLS Provider

Advanced Life Support (AHA) Courses

  • (ACLS-ST) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Skills Test
  • (PALS-ST) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Skills Test
  • (ACLS-I) AHA ACLS Instructor
  • (PALS-I) AHA PALS Instructor
  • (ACLS) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • (PALS) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • (ACLS-EP) AHA ACLS for Experienced Providers

Skills Tests (AHA) Courses

  • (BLS-ST) AHA BLS Provider Skills Test
  • (ACLS-ST) AHA Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Skills Test
  • (PALS-ST) AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Skills Test

EMS Courses

CBRF Courses

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  • Finally, the course title represents the course you are choosing (i.e. BLS = CPR for Healthcare Providers, fulfills CPR/AED requirements)

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Student Testimonials

It was a fun, well-taught course, and for personal satisfaction. This is one course I can take everywhere I go!
- Administrative Assistant, Heartsaver CPR/AED Participant

Very easy to follow and understand. Great insight on the subject.
- Advanced EMT, PHTLS Provider Participant

Good instructor, keeps me awake!
- Paramedic, PHTLS Provider Participant

Adam, everyone has been raving about your classes. I am looking forward to attending myself.
- QA Coordinator/Policy Coordinator, Paramedic

I drove 60 miles one way for this class—Adam must be doing something right!
- RN, PALS Provider Recognition participant

Adam did a good job explaining new issues/material. Very thorough with his teaching. Would recommend him for any class, any level of healthcare. He does a great job!
- Assistant Fire Chief/Paramedic, ACLS Provider Renewal participant

Nikki was great! She was very informative & friendly.
- Nursing Student, BLS for Healthcare Providers participant

Very satisfied. I took this course because I was last ACLS certified some 10 years ago. I was impressed with Adam’s knowledge, patience, and didactic skills.
- MD (Intensivist), ACLS Provider Recognition participant

This is by far the best CPR class I have ever taken. Very informational. Great job!
- Child care specialist, Heartsaver CPR/AED participant

Instructor was clear, answered questions so we could understand instructions. Was very knowledgeable and held our attention.
- NP Student, ACLS Participant

I am staff at several hospitals; however I choose to take this class through APHE because I learn more and can apply what I learn clinically. After all these years, finally a re-certification that is enjoyable!
- RN, ACLS Renewal Participant

Brenda was wonderful! Very informative and knew the material well. Great instructor.
- Nursing Student, ACLS Participant

Very nicely run. Brenda was thorough yet kept the class going. She was good at involving everyone/getting everyone to participate.
- RT Student, PALS Participant

Very informative and knowledgeable instructor.
- RN, ACLS Renewal Participant